Good Stewardship is All American

Stand at the rim of the Grand Canyon and look into the awesome depths of that ancient chasm.

Yosemite Falls. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Look up from your Yosemite Valley campsite and be astonished at the overpowering sights and sounds of thundering waterfalls.

Hike through the Everglades and marvel at the amazing variety of wildlife found in the “river of grass.”

Whenever you enjoy America’s spectacular natural heritage, partisan politics is probably the furthest thing from your mind. That is as it should be. Protecting our nation’s wonderful natural treasures shouldn’t be caught up in partisan disagreements.

At ConservAmerica, we believe good stewardship of our American heritage is at the heart of our traditional conservative values of respect for the past and responsibility for the future. We conservatives can be proud of the stewardship achievements of our past leaders, from Theodore Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with the National Audubon Society in asking our fellow citizens to sign the American Eagle Compact—a declaration to our leaders that conservation is essential to what unites us as Americans.

This simple declaration will send a strong message to our leaders: do not play politics with protecting our nation’s great natural treasures. Remember the wise words of President Reagan, who said: “Preservation of our environment is not a partisan challenge; it’s common sense.”

We agree.

Rob Sisson, President

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15 thoughts on “Good Stewardship is All American

  1. T.Robyn

    Growing up in rural Minnesota as a young kid, I never had any idea that everybody else didn’t do the same things I did–fishing on Saturday morning, catching crawdads in the creek, or climbing trees looking in birds nests–it was all a great adventure I sought every waking moment, without thinking. I see this is all in jeopardy now and believe the national sense of envirionmental commonsense and fundamental decency toward fellow humans is all but lost to unbridled greed and apathy on all fronts. Very hopeful to see a new tone emerging from this partnership.

  2. 10/9/2012 John Tovar
    It has always been my contention that it is every American’s duty to leave one’s path through life better than as it was found. To me, being a good steward of the earth not only covers respecting our ecosystem but our integrity of respecting every person place or thing.

  3. Pat

    Conservation is not a political, religious or scientific topic. Conservation is life and survival for the earth, air, water and ALL of earth’s inhabitant. To be blind or ignorant of its importance is inexcusable. Our survival depends on how good our stewardship of the planet and all that live on it is. Let’s make it everyone’s issue.

    • Elizabeth

      It is a matter of common sense, of life and death. My mom uses the excuse of ” We’re enjoying the comforts of man-made ease” and refuses to acknowledge that this will lead us to a poorer quality of life. No, my mom’s generation will not see this- but her children, and grandchildren certainly will. Why won’t people see the truth?

  4. Amy

    I live in Canada, I am Canadian, although half of my family is American. I look at North America as a whole, there is no border for me. I work restoring people’s environments and there is no border on how water and air flows or the movement of wildlife. We all need to recognize that we are in the same small boat and we need to maintain what we have left or we could be in trouble sooner than you think.

  5. Clint

    I’ve climbed into a tuna fish seine net among dead and dieing tuna and sharks to save porpoise from drowning. I’ve thawed and released a Red Tailed hawk frozen to a downed branch in an ice storm and numerous other acts of stewardship. I’m an animal lover, outdoors man and hunter. I’m an American conservationist. I take my hat off to nobody who claims that only they are able to define who is a conservationist and what must be done. I support the Endangered Species Act, but not at all cost. I believe that common sense has been lost to over-kill in enforcement in many areas in the name of “saving the____________”. I don’t believe that man is the villain on the planet. I don’t know what the answers are but I hope a sensible meeting of the minds comes about through this venture.

  6. I am so tired of everyone thnking conservation is Democratic. I am a Republican. I do as much or more to help out environment as most people. I am also sick of hearing about yahoos who are supposedly D, saying they are killing for food. I see dead carcassed all over. and they brag when the kill a “Bambi” Here in Michigan we get little sun in winter…sometimes none for months…we dont need windmills. I have a friend in England whose job it is to check these windmills. No comment. I love nature and all the wonderful things God made. But I refuse to believe that he meant for the forests to be scrapped by the four-wheeler and such noise and environment negative vehicles which now abound. Beauty is in silence, silence is in beauty…Reflect, meditate, enjoy. And pray. Surely God will speak to your quieted mind and your experience will be life changing.

  7. Our human society by necessity must use our natural resources to survive. The prime example is farming which has devastated large areas of the natural environment. But necessary. The natural environment holds many forms of energy which must be harvested for the survival of mankind. But we cannot lose sight of the necessity to preserve our natural environment in order to insure the survival of the Planet Earth. Energy sources from the earth can be extracted and utilized without devastatingly destruction to the surrounding environment. If Man can fly to the Moon, Man can solve harvesting our natural resources without destroying the planet. Lucy E. Seeds Florida. (54 years active environmentalist including first “Earth Day”.)



  9. Wally Elton

    “Conservative” and “conservation” have the same root.

  10. This is a no-brainer. If we are to survive as a SPECIES, we need to make protection of the environment our nation’s TOP PRIORITY…but I have been saying this for 30 years now…I just hope people – and politicians in particular – wake up to reality by putting aside their self-centered agendas and focus on the REAL WORK that needs to be done!!

  11. Balance and diversification are the keys to good energy policy. Not every energy source is appropriate everywhere, and overdependence on any one energy source leaves our economy vulnerable and creates environmental risks.

  12. Dean Gardner

    Conserving our planet is not a progressive or a liberal idea.

    • CitizenPatriot

      It is an American Idea to preserve and maintain our natural beauty found around this Country. I have been most fortunate to see many Parks and sites which literally, reassure my belief in God and His/Her awesome power. We are blessed being Americans. At the same time while conserving our natural beauty, we must also consider those livelihoods that are sustained by a local economy by compromise between species and man. This can be done sensibly and considerate of the surrounding environment. We need to be able to work together to achieve environmental and economical goals that both conserve the environment and allow for the development of our resources, leaving the smallest of footprint possible with the latest technology.

      I am of the opinion that covering these beautiful visas with windmills and solar panels will create a much greater footprint and destroy the beauty of the land itself. Whereas, one natural gas well leaves a small valve stem above ground and it can be sent to market through a pipeline underground, leaving the surface beautifull as close to as before operations began, and, that one gas well could produce more energy than instead of all those windmills.

      • vickie caligure

        Beautiful vistas are found all around the world. We cannot expect to keep them by doing the same thing over and over. We all have to consume less, conserve more and accept that the world can no longer accomodate our disrespect! The climate has passed the point where wind/solar/wave power can turn it back. We can only learn how to live within the means that we have left.

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