Today is National Public Lands Day

Moulton Barn on Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park. Photo by Rob Sisson.

America’s Best Idea isn’t limited to our national parks. Public lands from coast-to-coast offer all Americans the opportunity to view birds, hike, fish, photograph, hunt, boat, and rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul.  Our public lands enjoy strong support across every political and socio-economic spectrum.  Show your support for our public lands by signing and sharing the American Eagle Compact!

Then, take a moment to tell us what public land is your favorite and why!

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6 thoughts on “Today is National Public Lands Day

  1. MArshall A. Boyler

    These lands are not protected to be used to destroy or even damage the ecology. They are protected for your children and grandchildren. The last time I checked there is no shortage of places to hunt birds, deer or other game. I was for years a member of the Fort Erie Fish and Game Club and both hunted and fished. If you can’t find a place to hunt let me know. I will guide you.

  2. tasunka maza

    Ever wonder why we Native Americans use eagle feathers?
    Symbolic power of the most courageous and strongest spirit of the audobon community.

  3. Margaret

    The Verde Village Property Owners Association is working with several groups to clean up and protect our two mile river walk along the Verde River in Cottonwood, AZ. As president I am so pleased to be able to access help from these groups as well as the state and federal government to preserve a precious open area for the community.

    I believe it is the responsibility of all citizens to help maintain our precious land, air, water and wildlife.

  4. S. Knudson

    I love the beaches, but I am very concerned that environmental policies are creating areas that people are unwelcome, such as in Ocracoke, NC. Certain birds that nest there are creating restrictions far past their nesting times and onerous to the local people. The main point of public lands is public access. It is disturbing to see public lands becoming more restrictive. Let hunters in, let gatherers in, let picnickers in, let recreational vehicles in, let hikers in, let fun in. Public lands are held at a great price to the public. People are part of the land and impacts that can heal in the same way a fox trail can heal should always be allowed. We are a part of the land. We are participants. Love of the earth comes from interacting with it, and that may mean that you let a kid take a rock home.

    • tasunka maza

      people poison the earth.
      let hunters in?

    • Weston Sustainability Committee

      If every kid takes a rock home there will not be any more rocks and then the birds won’t come and then the ecology of the area changes. Restrictions are there for a reason – so the place will still be there in the future for the animals and humans. Sometimes humans need to get out of the way. Go to another place to enjoy a park where you can frolic with the kids.

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