Conservation is not a Punch Line

Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold talked with Wired Science after conservation was ignored yet again during this week’s presidential debate — except as throw-away partisan jabs.

“Conservation is used as a wedge issue, when in fact conservation doesn’t have a party,” Yarnold told Wired.

Conservation plays a key role in securing our nation’s future. Where birds thrive, people prosper, as David Yarnold often says. Contrary to the super-heated campaign rhetoric, we know that most Americans — Republicans, Democrats, and all others — are united on the importance of conservation.

That’s what the American Eagle Compact is all about. So share it with a friend.

Read David Yarnold’s full comments on

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One thought on “Conservation is not a Punch Line

  1. Yes, there is 100% apathy in all environmental issues by both parties. Repeat–both parties.

    The #1 problem is overpopulation. Why talk about all the issues regarding conservation when the root cause of all these issues is overpopulation? We are at 7 billion people soon to be at 9 billion. The massive destruction of natural lands and the extinction of species is happening at 7 billion–imagine in 30 years at 9 billion?

    All the politicians want to talk about is growth! We do no need more growth! We need to reduce population which will reduce the needs for oil, gas, farmlands, roadways, etc. We need to get the earth’s population back down to 4 billion and sustain it at that level– no more. This can be done through tax policy, welfare policy, foreigh aid, and withdrawing from the United Nations. 95% of the nations in the United Nations only care about receiving money from the United States so that they can trash their lands even more.

    We CAN save what is left and what is awesome. It all revolves around reducing the planet’s population and sustaining it at a sustainable level.

    The politicans and press refuse to ever bring population up as a topic–they do not even bring up environmental issues at debates.

    Save the planet! Do it by reducing the world’s population. Audubon and other nature organizations are doing a disservice by not seriously exposing what 7 billion people have done to our natural world and how 9 billion people will kill off what little remnants are left.

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