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The National Audubon Society and ConservAmerica have teamed up to bring together the voices and values of Americans from left to right and from coast to coast.

This blog aims to encourage a lively, civil, and constructive discussion about how we can re-unite as a nation around conservation values that transcend politics.

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  4.  Remember – we may or may not agree on a lot of things, but this blog is about the stuff that brings us together.

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  1. I actually find it so encouraging to see where a growing number of we the people are with environmental issues. Our political system is a very slow response to our real and individual voices. Watching the full bell curve in this lifetime; from nature in a much more pristine state, attitudes about our lives interwoven within nature as a holistic assumption, and getting outside to play, all the way to extreme consumption and passive electronic entertainment, we are finally looking down the slope to where we want to take ourselves in our future with the environment. I’m so grateful to organizations like Audubon and others who work hard for the rights of all creatures to coexist healthfully and open the conversation for conservation. Thanks so much to all of you who care and raise a voice : }

  2. Just because our planet is bigger then our houses are…doesn’t mean it can’t be cleaned up. The cleaning up will create many more jobs. We also need to get the plastics, and radiation ‘garbage’ out of our seas, Big business has great ‘profits’ because they do not clean up and repair the damages they do to our environment and health. I’m not giving up on our planet. But we need to ‘clean it up’ if we want to live with any kind of health. With the ‘back room deals’ and the lack of real information, we are at this time with a lot of work to do.
    We are not just political party affiliated…we are individuals that live on this planet. We live with billions of different beings. Learning how they live and their needs is important of we want a good place to live. Nature does not leave blank spaces in her creation. EVERY living being has a place and function.
    If we want to live on this planet with any kind of dignity, we need to put back as much as we can. Protect our air, land, water and life forces on it. In protecting out planet…we will not only create jobs, we will have a healthy environment to live and raise our children.
    Honor all life, and walk as lightly as you can.
    All this is doable…we have over 7 billion people that can fix this mess we are in.
    Do not depend on any political party to do this….Most of the mess of ‘oked’ by political parties.
    The general public was lied to and deceived. We do not need to except this.
    We the people, need to stand up and do the work to repair and bring back some kind of real life styles that do not destroy our home.
    We do not need a war to do any of this…start where you live. Work locally…think globally.

    • Brenda Maston

      I like what you are saying! Starting locally is a great place to start. I live in the country and do not have trash pick-up. That is where I start. I personally take my glass and plastic to a recycliing company in town(about 10 miles 1-way) My metal cans and aluminum is sold to another recycling company about 2-3 times a year.(I store it until it amounts to more $$$). Just this simple thing saves our landfill. Old stuff that Salvation Army will not take because it can’t be re-sold is where I have a problem. Reusing some of the parts is not always possible. Unfortunately that is when I either burn it in my burn pile, or send it to the dump(Which costs $$$). Another problem is with styrofoam. Nobody wants it! Do you know of a solution? I hate to just burn it!

  3. Lynda White

    I recently retired from Audubon Florida after 14 years as EagleWatch Coordinator. I was responsible for recruiting, training and supervising 250+ citizen scientists monitoring over 25% of Florida’s nesting eagle population (the highest in the lower 48 states). During that time I witnessed many instances of nests protected, eaglets rescued and violaters prosecuted because of the dedication of these volunteers. I could not be prouder of Audubon’s mission to conserve and protect these iconic birds. As long as our EagleWatch volunteers are out there we can all rest assured that Florida’s Bald Eagles are in good hands.

  4. JC

    It is about time that conservation groups realize not only democrats care about the environment. By including republicans, independents, and all parties in the mix, you increase your base substantially. Now more than ever, we will need our voices heard. The economy is priority 1 for everyone right now, but we must not forget without clean air and water, it won’t matter that none of us are employed! Please keep up the fight, and thanks Audubon, for leading the way!

  5. John W. Bova


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